Consensus Moderation


Consensus moderation provides opportunities for teachers to build common understandings of the course standards that underpin comparability. Comparability between schools ensures fairness for all students.

Which courses?

Consensus moderation was not conducted in 2015 or 2016 whilst the Authority introduced new moderation activities (the syllabus delivery audit and the externally set task) and considered enrolment patterns. The Board of the Authority has endorsed the re-introduction of the consensus moderation process for the senior secondary years. The courses involved for 2017 are:


Course type

Business Management and Enterprise

General Year 11 and Year 12

Design (Dimensional, Graphics, Photography, Technical Graphics)

General Year 11 and Year 12

Engineering Studies

General Year 11 and Year 12


Foundation Year 11

Health Studies

General Year 11 and Year 12

Materials Design and Technology (Metals, Textiles, Wood)

General Year 11 and Year 12

Mathematics: Essential

Year 11 and Year 12


General Year 11 and Year 12

Physical Education Studies

General Year 11 and Year 12


Participation in consensus moderation is compulsory for all schools delivering a course in the list above.

During Term 1 2017, each school will be required to register one teacher for Year 11 (Unit 1 and Unit 2) and one teacher for Year 12 (Unit 3 and Unit 4) for each of the selected courses that the school is delivering. This should be a teacher who is currently teaching that pair of units and therefore at some schools will be the same person.

Details of the teacher registration process will be provided to schools early in Term 1.


The consensus moderation process will be conducted in two blocks of 2–3 weeks’ duration (one block in Term 2 and one in Term 3).