Examination Information

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) sets, administers and marks external examinations for Year 12 ATAR courses. The Authority also conducts nominated Interstate Language examinations.

The Year 12 ATAR courses examinations are conducted towards the end of each year, with the written examinations commencing on Monday of the week in which November 1 falls on a weekday; and Monday of the following week, when November 1 falls on a weekend. The practical examinations are held during the Term 3 holidays, including weekends and public holidays and continuing into the beginning of Term 4.

The Year 12 ATAR course timetables and Interstate Language written examination timetables will be available on the Examination Timetables webpage in June.

The Authority establishes examination centres in which each written examination is conducted at the same time, under uniform conditions by trained supervisors. The rules of conduct are outlined on the webpage at https://senior-secondary.scsa.wa.edu.au/assessment/examinations/rules-of-conduct-for-atar-course-examinations and in the Year 12 Information Handbook: Part II Examinations, which is published on the Authority website in July. Any variation to standard examination conditions must be approved by the Authority through its special provisions processes.

Each enrolled examination candidate receives a personalised examination timetable that gives details about the time, date and location of each examination in which they are enrolled. These timetables can be downloaded by students from the student portal from a nominated date in September, Term 3.

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