About Moderation

The Board of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) has endorsed consensus moderation processes for Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR and General courses in 2021.

Participation in this moderation process is compulsory for all schools delivering a course in the table below. In 2021, consensus moderation meetings will be full day meetings conducted in two parts. Part A will be the review of student assessment files and a focus on applying the grade descriptions in a course to determine a grade, while Part B will focus on assessment practice as outlined in the WACE Manual 2021 in Section 2.4. A key aspect to achieving comparability in standards is the development and implementation of valid and appropriate school-based assessment tasks that provide for a comprehensive sampling of the syllabus content, and provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the full range of achievements.

A letter regarding the registration process and procedures will be emailed to the principals of schools with courses involved in Consensus Moderation on Thursday, 26 March 2021.

Preparation for Consensus Moderation Meetings

In preparation for the consensus moderation meetings teachers are required to:

  • retain all student assessment tasks completed prior to the meeting
  • compile a student assessment file indicative of a mid 'A', a mid 'B' and a mid 'C' for the meetings (i.e. three files in total)
  • ensure student assessment files meet with the specific course requirements as outlined during the registration period in March
  • include a copy of the assessment tasks and marking keys in each student assessment file
  • include a copy of the assessment outline in each student assessment file
  • prepare a proposed grade distribution for the course to submit at the meeting.

Which courses?

The following Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR and General courses are in consensus moderation in 2021:

Courses in Consensus Moderation in 2021

ATAR Courses

Year 11



Year 12

Chinese: Second Language

Indonesian: Second Language

German: Second Language

Mathematics Specialist

General Courses

Year 11

Applied Information Technology

Outdoor Education

Automotive Engineering and Technology

Visual Arts

Building and Construction


Year 12

Accounting and Finance


Ancient History

Human Biology

Animal Production Systems

Marine and Maritime Studies


Modern History


Plant Production Systems

Food Science and Technology