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Interstate languages are accessed through the national Collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages (CCAFL) and interstate borrowing arrangements as part of the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

Enrolment information

A student who intends to enrol in a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) Language course can only do so if they have approval from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority).

For a student to gain approval to enrol, they must complete an Application for permission to enrol in a WACE Language course (Language application) via the student portal (https://studentportal.scsa.wa.edu.au/home ) while they are in Year 10* and submit it to the Authority, with the required supporting documentation, by the deadline published in the Activities Schedule. A student’s enrolment status is determined by the Authority on a case-by-case basis.

Schools must endorse these WACE language applications via the Student Records Management System (SRMS) (https://srms.scsa.wa.edu.au).

For further information visit https://www.scsa.wa.edu.au/sirs-and-srms-info/srms-information/wace-language-applications.

Submission dates of Language Applications for enrolment in Language courses in 2025


Year 10 students submit a Language Application*

Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Or earlier where the school starts the 2025 school year in Term 4, 2024

Friday, 23 August 2024

Or earlier where the school starts the 2025 school year in Term 1, 2025

*or Year 9 gifted and talented/accelerated language students

Note: Language Applications for new enrolments in Year 11 and Year 12 will open in late January 2025.

Language Applications for non-school candidates will open in late January 2025.