Reporting Student Achievement

The results students receive at the end of their senior secondary schooling may be used to apply for a job, an apprenticeship, traineeship, training place or university.

At the end of senior secondary schooling, all students receive a folio of achievement. This folio may consist of the following:

Year 12 in 2017 and beyond

Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE)

This certificate is issued to Year 12 students who meet the specified requirements.

Certificate of Distinction and Certificate of Merit

These certificates are awarded to students who meet the eligibility criteria listed in Section 8 of the WACE Manual.

Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA)

A statement of student achievement is issued to all Year 12 students at the completion of their secondary schooling.
The WASSA formally records, as relevant:

  • achievement of WACE requirements
  • achievement of literacy (reading and writing) standard
  • achievement of numeracy standard
  • achievement of exhibitions and awards
  • school grades, school marks, and combined scores in ATAR units *
  • school grades and school marks in General and Foundation units *
  • completed Preliminary units
  • completed VET industry specific units
  • successfully completed VET qualifications and VET units of competency
  • completed endorsed programs
  • number of community service hours undertaken (if reported by the school).

* In Year 12, Units 3 and 4 are reported as a year-long course. In Year 11, Units 1 and 2 are usually reported as a year-long course but may be reported separately.

ATAR Course Report

An ATAR course report is issued to students (excluding non-school candidates*) who sit an ATAR course examination in that course. The ATAR course report records:

  • school marks**
  • moderated school marks**
  • examination marks**
  • combined score
  • standardised combined score
  • state-wide distribution of combined scores in that course
  • the number of candidates who completed the course.

* Non-school candidates will receive a letter from the Authority notifying them of their ATAR course examination mark.
** A course that has a practical examination component will have the written and practical marks reported separately.

The ATAR course report shows how the student performed relative to all other students who completed the course (represented by a location on a graph).