Student Declaration and Permission

Student Declaration and Permission – Information

The following students are required to complete the online Student  Declaration and Permission:

  • All Year 12 students
  • Year 11 students who are studying ATAR Unit 3 and  Unit 4 and sitting the 2018 ATAR course examinations
  • Year 10 students who have been given approval to  study ATAR Unit 3 and Unit 4 and sit the 2018 ATAR course examinations.

Please note: Students will  be required to complete the Student Declaration and Permission when they log in  to the portal in order to access other important information such as their  examination timetable.

Student Declaration
All students,  as listed above will need to declare that they are aware of the requirements to  achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and for sitting  the ATAR course examination. These requirements are listed in the Year 12  Information Handbook which is available on the Authority website at

Student Permission
All students,  as listed above, will be asked to give permission for the following:

(a)    Release  of their name should they win an award
The School Curriculum  and Standards Authority award winners are published in the media and on the  Authority’s website if permission to do so has been given by the student.
Note: award winners who  do not provide permission through completing the Student Declaration and  Permission will be acknowledge as ‘Not for publication’ in the winner lists.

(b)    Use of school work for creating  support materials
The Authority is seeking permission for the use of school work produced during 2018,  e.g. assignments, projects, portfolios, tests, school-based exam responses.

(c)    Use  of examination responses (written and practical)
The Authority is seeking permission for the use of:

  • ATAR course written and  practical examination responses (copyright owned by the student); and
  • images and sound recordings of the student in  photographs, audio recordings and audio visual recordings that are made during  the ATAR course practical examinations (copyright owned by the State of Western  Australia).

Resource development

The use of school work material (b) and examination  responses (c) as specified above may be used in resources developed by the  Authority in carrying out its functions relating to the development and  accreditation of courses and the standards, assessment and certification of  student achievement.

The material will be used under the following  terms:

  • Anything  which identifies the student or school will be removed from the material before  use by the Authority.
  • The Authority may make the resources  containing the material available in whole or in part, in print and electronic  formats, and on the Authority’s website. The resources containing  the material may be copied, or made available on an intranet, for  non-commercial purposes in schools offering the WACE.
  • This permission continues  indefinitely until the student revokes it by notifying the Authority in writing that he/she no longer wants the  material to be used by the Authority. The Authority will not  provide payment for the use of the material.

Students must (if under 18 years of age) have  discussed their responses with their parents/guardians before submitting them  online. Students cannot complete the student permission unless they click on  ‘Yes’ to ‘I have discussed my responses with my parents/guardians’.

To complete the student declaration and  permission online go to and follow the login  instructions. This student declaration and permission needs to be completed  online by Thursday, 21 June 2018.