Externally Set Tasks

All students enrolled in a General Year 12 course and/or a Foundation Year 12 course are required to complete the externally set task (EST) developed by the Authority for that course. The EST is compulsory and forms part of the school-based assessment and is included as a separate assessment type with a weighting of 15% for the pair of units.

Due to the disruption to teaching and learning in 2020, as a result of COVID-19, the ESTs will be administered by schools during weeks 7, 8 and 9 of Term 2, 2020 (8-26 June 2020). The tests will be administered under standard test conditions. The EST will take 50 minutes.

The Authority informed schools during Term 3, 2019, of the Unit 3 syllabus content on which the task will be based. This notification enabled schools to ensure that the identified content was taught prior to the administration of the EST.

The ESTs will be marked by teachers in each school using a marking key provided by the Authority.

For 2020, the EST process will be modified as follows:

  • schools will be required to upload into SIRS, for each student, in each course the EST raw mark
  • independent marking of a sample of scripts from all classes in all schools for each course will not be conducted, therefore, schools are not required to submit Authority selected scripts
  • feedback provided by the Authority to schools for each course will be limited to the school mark distribution compared to the state distribution
  • grading reviews will not be initiated based on EST school results.

Information about disability adjustments can be found in the Guidelines for disability adjustments for timed assessments.