WACE Recognition of VET Accredited Courses

WACE recognition of VET accredited courses

An accredited course is one that is developed to meet training needs not addressed by existing training packages. Courses and modules that are not part of a nationally endorsed training package do not automatically provide students with recognition towards the WACE
The Authority reserves the right to refuse recognition of an accredited course if it:

  1. duplicates a WACE course or other Authority-developed program
  2. compromises the standards of the WACE by providing an unsuitable or inappropriate alternative to an existing WACE offering.
  3. is considered that the qualification is not suitable within the context of the WACE requirements.

Detail about the recognition status of accredited courses currently listed on the Authority’s Student Information Record System (SIRS) database is available on the Accredited Course Recognition Status list

The classification scheme determines whether the accredited course outcomes have an industry, foundation skills or vocational focus. For more information on the classification of accredited courses for WACE recognition click here.

If a school wishes to enrol students in a VET accredited course that is not currently listed on the Accredited Course Recognition Status list they must submit a request form to the Authority for the course to be classified prior to student enrolment.

To download the request form please click here. Completed request forms can be emailed to the Principal Consultant - VET at vetinfo@scsa.wa.edu.au by Thursday 1 March 2024 .