VET Data and Reporting

Key dates for 2019

  • Thursday, 28 February 
    VET industry specific course enrolments (ENCOS)
  • Thursday, 21 March
    Application for Recognition of Year 8 or 9 VET
  • Thursday, 2 May
    VET qualification estimates (ESQUAL) for Year 10 - 12 students
  • Thursday, 20 June
    Year 12 VET enrolments (ENVET)
  • Thursday, 15 August
    Year 10 and 11 VET enrolments (ENVET)
  • Thursday, 31 October
    Year 12 VET achievements (RSVET)
  • Tuesday, 26 November
    Last date for changes to Year 12 VET achievements
  • Thursday, 28 November
    Year 10 and 11 VET achievements (RSVET)

Secondary students who achieve VET may have the achievements recorded on their Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement. The key dates for WACE can be found in the Activities Schedule.

For specific data and reporting requirements see relevant section of the Data Procedures Manual. To assist in reporting VET achievements the following documents may be useful:

VET module downloads

The following VET information files are available for download to enable RTP VET and MAZE users to import the information.


RTP VET Schools* only: The Department will manage and import files on behalf of schools.

MAZE Schools only: To save files to disk, Open text file then go to "file > save as" and save as a text file to your preferred location.

Modules File names Text files CSV files
Qualifications Qualn
Text file (22/01/2020)
CSV file (22/01/2020)
Competencies Competency
Text file (22/01/2020)
CSV file (22/01/2020)
Links (linking Qualification and Competency) Links
Text file (22/01/2020)
CSV file (22/01/2020)

VET Contacts

VET enquiries email the VET team at

SIRS VET data enquiries email the Data Services team at

VET linking email the Data Support Officers at