VET Admission Body information for WA schools


Arrangements are now in place for schools to access to the Unique Student Identifier (USI) Registry System to apply for USIs on behalf of students and verify USIs provided, through successful application as a VET Admission Body (VAB).

Further detail about VABs, the application process and form is available from the USI website.

Schools that are VABs will be able to access the USI Registry System through the Organisation Portal. This will require AUSkey access for individuals who are using the system. Information about AUSkeys is also available from the USI website.

Schools are encouraged to read the available information to determine if this is a suitable process for your organisation. Please contact Olivia Mayo (Principal Consultant – Transparency Reform) on 6551 5875 or for any state specific information. Queries on the status of applications should go through the USI office,

Student Identifiers Legislative Instrument