New recognition arrangements for VET accredited courses - For students entering Year 11 in 2016


An accredited course is any nationally recognised qualification that is not a part of a nationally endorsed training package. Accredited courses do not automatically provide students with recognition towards the WACE. The Certificates of General Education for Adults is one example of an accredited course that is not awarded credit towards the WACE.

A process has been developed and is pending Board approval that seeks to determine different levels of recognition of VET accredited courses towards the WACE based on the classification of course outcomes. The classification scheme determines whether the accredited course outcomes have an industry, foundation skills or vocational focus.

It is proposed that the allocation of credit towards the WACE for VET accredited courses be applied according to a sliding scale. Once an accredited course has been classified by the Authority it will be included in the Accredited Course Recognition Status list which will be reviewed periodically and published on the Authority website.

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